10 Jobs Black Gay Men Perform Other Than Hair Dressing, Stylists and Make Up Artists

If you let Bravo, FYI and just about every other network tell it, black gay men only hold a few key positions in life.  Shows like B.O.R.N to Style, Real Housewives, and Fashion Queens all show us as being the catty gossiping side kick, a hair dresser, a fashion expert, or some variation of servitude to women while our white counter parts are real estate agents ie. Million Dollar Listing.  

Now we're not knocking anyone that holds those positions.  Everybody knows where to go if you want your face beat, your outfit to serve and your hair laid.  We're happy to see black gay anything represented on television, but one could compare it to the mammy role black women often held. We are not limited to those fields.

So consider this less of a chastisement and more of a PSA. Here are some other jobs we hold down:

1. Professional Athletes:

2. Doctors

3. Lawyers

4. Teachers

5. Musical Artists

6. Firefighters

7. Police Officers

8. Accountants

9. Politicians

10. CEOs (gasp yes we have our own businesses too)

and just about any other profession you can think of.  So get it together TV, you've been put on notice.  If you don't take heed at least will have this in writing.


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