5 Inexpensive Halloween Costumes For You and Your Trade

Its Halloween weekend and while your trade may be afraid to come out of the closet he may not be afraid to go out with you at night in disquise.  Here are some outfits you two can rock together with out anyway wondering if he's down with that gay shit.

Parole officer and parolee

Chances are he's on house arrest or parole all ready so this one will be easy to pull off.  


Spiderman and Venom

If you can rely on trade for one thing, its giving you an STD, so what costume is more fitting than him dressing up as Venom?


Batman and the Joker

He's a clown ass nigga anyway and this is the one day of year he can be his true authentic self.  The Joker can also be substituted for Two Face .

A Condom and A Dick

Since he asks like he doesn't know what a condom looks like.  Now he'll know.


Weed and A Blunt

Just make sure he pays for it.  Trade love smoking up your stuff and not matching.



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