7 Black Gay and Lesbian Films On Netflix Right Now

We all know trying to find a good lgbt themed movie on Netflix is a hard thing to do anyway, trying to find a good one that also features AT LEAST more than one black character is a stretch and an entire black cast is like looking for a needle in a gay stack, however we've done some digging and came up with these for the winter months.

1. Call Me Kuchu

This powerful film follows David Kato, the first openly homosexual man in Uganda, as he fights the nation's looming anti-gay laws.

2. The Skinny

A year after college graduation, a pact reunites four gay men and a lesbian friend in New York City for a fateful Gay Pride weekend.

3. Venus Boyz

This offbeat documentary explores the complex world of "drag kings," profiling a variety of male-impersonating women in New York, London and Zurich.

4. Leave It On the Floor

Kicked out of the house by his homophobic mom, Brad falls in with the members of the House of Eminence in this big-hearted musical.

5. Rag Tag

When childhood friends reunite, their bond has become even stronger -- although the paths they've taken with their lives present a challenge.

6. Four

As a middle-aged man tries to connect with a young man he met on the Internet, his teenage daughter seeks intimacy with a former basketball star.

7. Stud Life

Wedding photographers by day, black butch lesbian JJ and her white gay best friend Seb navigate London's queer street life, looking for love.


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