Is BGClive A Safe Space for Trans Members?

We face so much discrimination everywhere else its a shame we get it on a forum dedicated to the black gay community. The following post is one of the reason why I left the site:

    BGC is not a safe place for transwomen. The Black Gay Community is not a welcoming space for transwomen.

    Here are the predominant views of Black men here on BGC in regards to transwomen:

    1. 'You are a man' argument. Failure to recognize their right to identify themselves as they see fit and failure to recognize that gender-at-birth cannot fully capture a person's identity. This is the most tragic of all the arguments...

    2. 'Women of the streets' argument. I have seen countless threads of men berating transgender women for engaging in prostitution as if this ALL that transwomen ARE or as if THIS IS A TYPICAL BEHAVIOR for transwomen.

    3. 'You don't look like a natural woman' argument. Men on this site are always criticizing the physical appearance of the transwomen they encounter. Transwomen are talked about as if they are clowns with no core self. No feelings, thoughts, experiences, or history lying beneath their physical presentation. They give no thoughts to the finances required to transition into womanhood and that a lot of transwomen are not able to afford to the best services to help them along in their transition.

    4. 'If I want a woman, I will f***k a real one' argument. Most transwomen ain't checking for you super gay ass so keep that argument to yourself. Also, it's just hurtful so why say it?

    5. I neither like nor dislike them'... the ambivalent argument. As a Gay person of color, if you are struggling to develop empathy for the plight of***group even more marginalized than you in American society then SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.


    Something has to change here. To me, the way we act towards transwomen is just as wrong as racism.

Hopefully one day they will get it together over there.


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