Fashion, Fame, Fights and Foolishness: An Atlanta Pride Recap

Aliteration aside a good time was had by all, but it depends on who you ask.  The biggest black gay pride event of the season always seems to bring out the best and the worst of folks and you really can't talk about one without the other.

Every year I ask my best friend who lives in Atlanta if he's going to the pride events and every year he says no and every year he ends up texting and calling me from an event giving me the run down. 

On any given day of the week Atlanta is a fashion show.  Its the New York of the South, Black Hollywood and where old bottoms go to retire as born again tops.  As always folks were dressed to the 9's in hopes to get their 10's. 

Atlanta pride also brings out every R&B Love and Hip Hop Family Values realtiy star singer rapper on tap this year were Towanda and Traci Braxton who seemed to get a picture with everyone in attendance.  Mimi Faust who recently shared a bisexual story line on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Trina, Remy Ma, Cardi B and K.Michelle was one of the headliners. 

Sidenote:  We love the pride brings out the cast of R&B divas but once just once we would love to see LGBT artists headline pride.  There are so many talented people in our community that get almost no shine at all!

The organizers of pride as always did a great job of providing a pletora of things for everyone to do while in Atlanta, so kuddos for that.

This most dishearting part about all of this was of course the crime and violence that came in to town.  As we were preparing this article and did a basic search for Atlanta Pride the most shared topic was a fight in a parking lot. 

One more time for the people in the back: The most shared topic from Atlanta Pride 2016 was a fight in a parking lot.

When I was younger and my brothers and I would fight as brothers do, my parents would always express their disappointment by saying.  Your job as family is to protect each other from everyone else but when you're together you seem to have lost sight that we ourselves are not the enemy. We have to do better.

We saw other posts about sex parties and porn being shot and people spreading diseases, and the drug usage but none of that will be covered here as thats something people do with or without their being a pride event in town.

We did manage to round up some pictures and videos from the gram.  Check them out below.

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