Gay Man Responds Perfectly To Homophobic Comments On Viral Photo Post

When Zay Zae posted a pic from his cabin trip to social media he didn't expect it to go viral. And it didn't until Instagram user industryonblast got a hold of it and asked their followers which of the men they'd like to have. While some said the group of men were attractive many of the comments were homophobic, bigoted and even speculated about the health status of some of the men. Well Zay wasn't having it!

We caught up with Zay to ask how he felt about all the new found attention and the comments made on his picture:

What inspired the trip?

To get gay brothers together and have a amazing bonding experience free from hate, mess, and poor intentions.

How many guys were in attendance?

29 fellas from all across the U.S.

What was your initial thought when you first saw how much attention the picture was getting?

My initial thought was based on being shocked how women were so harsh and seemed so angry from something that Was created to bring joy to others life. And then to see how many African American woman that were just pure Brutal, made me realize that we really have a problem in our community. I'm deeply sorry from any backlash the gentlemen in the picture have had. But it proved that I picked some amazing men to be apart of this event, because they're handling the backlash in a poise and respectful manner. This backlash has driven me to do a even larger cabin trip in June and also plan other large scale events later on this year to build unity amongst the African American gay male population. We all have to do our part to bridge the gap in the black community-This is me doing mine. Love is love, God is love, hate is not of God @zay_407

Read his response on instagram below and be sure to follow him @zay_407


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