GoFundMe Page Started To Assist Andrew Caldwell Pay Kordell Stewart 3 Million Dollars

Earlier this week a judge ordered Andrew Caldwell to pay Kordell Stewart $3 Million Dollars for saying the two were involved in a romantic relationship, when in fact they were not.  Today a GoFundMe page popped up to help Andrew pay the money back. 

On March 10th, 2017 Judge J.P. Boulee orderd Andrew Chad Caldwell to pay Kordell Stewart $3M in damages. In October of 2015, Caldwell, a social media sensation went on an Atlanta radio station and stated that he and Stewart had relations. Stewart vehemently denied these allegations and proceeded to sue Caldwell in 2016. Caldwll also retracted this statement and apologized too in 2016. Fast forward, Andrew has to pay $3M dollars. Andrew is an aspiring superstar with poise, charisma and undeniable talent. He needs our help more than ever if he ever wants to achieve his goals. If you donate to this campaign, you'll be helping America's next big star.

P.S. The extra $500,00 and more will go to the gofundme fee and to Caldwell to help him kickoff his career. 

So far there have been more comments than donations.  

Check out the page at https://www.gofundme.com/help-andrew-caldwell-pay-kordell

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