Guy Retracts Story About His Ex Smashing His Brother "I Made It Up"

A couple of months ago we posted a video/story about a guy who was reportedly seen in a video fucking his brother.  Well it turns out that wasn't true at all.  The guy who wrote the post recently retracted his statement saying:

Wanted to take a moment to apologize to @hisnameismarvo for the posts, story, slander, and hurt I’ve caused due to the FALSE story that the guy in the video with him was his brother. The guy in the video is NOT his younger brother, Darius Randle. The guy in the video is Hootie Jones. His Twitter is @iamhootiejones for anyone who would like to see him for their own clarification after the slander I caused to convince many people to believe this about Marvo and his brother’s relationship. Marvo did not deserve this. Darius did not deserve this. Not only did it effect him, it effected his younger brother who has a girlfriend; It also effected his family as well, and still does effect all three. It was completely DISTASTEFUL to post something so foul about someone and their family member WITHOUT ACTUAL PROOF, besides assumption. @hisnameismarvo has a new video out with Hootie Jones. You can inbox him for the full video. It will not disappoint! Marvo is a hung, masculine bottom who will have you wanting to see more!


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