Jhonni Blaze Exposes Stevie J: Says He's Had Sexual Relationship With Trans Woman Shauna Brooks

Apparently, Jhonni Blaze is going to be on the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast, next year. Rather, Jhonni Blaze WAS going to be a part of the cast, as she and Stevie J are going hard at each other. Another explanation makes it clear Jhonni Blaze is the only one talking.

Earlier this evening, Jhonni Blaze began calling Stevie J out, accusing him of threatening to leak their sextape. However, Stevie J has kept a low profile on social media. Definitely, everybody is going to be in his comments, DMs, and mentions after this one.

Jhonni Blaze came back, about an hour ago, accusing Stevie J of sleeping with trans actress and model, Shauna Brooks. On top of that, she named Stevie J as the mastermind behind “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” key storyline, last season, with Kirk and Jasmine, claiming Stevie hired Jasmine to pretend her baby is Kirk’s.


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