Kim Burrell's Thick Neck Ass Preaches Homophobic Sermon Before Appearing On Ellen's Talkshow

"You Done Fucked Up Now!" Kim Burrell's career just might be the last thing 2016 claims.  The Queen of Laryngitis Vocals, recently preached a very homophobic sermon and we the gays are not having it.  Considering Black Gay Christians keep most of the Gospel's Divas pockets lined, hair done, nails done, everything did, its a wonder they keep bashing us while using our services.  We're sure she cashed that Frank Ocean check she received for appearing on his album. Someone must have pee'd in her bowl of Deep Fried Chitlin Wrapped Neckbones for her to come out of pocket with this, and just days before she's scheduled to appear on Ellen Degenderes talk show, one of the most famous members of the LGBT community.  The word on the street is Miss Upper Respiratory Infection 2016's found out her ex husband with a man and thats where all this hate is coming from. 

In the video below Kim can be seen bashing, then apologizing after the internet called her out.  In the apology video she appears in FULL DRAG saying she never said gay, she said sin, but in the sermon video she said homosexuality several times and that we were all going to die in 2017.  Twitter has been reading her for blood and stone. 

Me thinks she better hit Keisha Cole up about selling some fish plates because her singing career is over.  


Now Kim better keep cute lest we send Dottie after her again


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