Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian Says "Moonlight" Part of the Gay Agenda

According to Lord Jamar, “you take out the gay sh*t in that movie, that little movie would have never even gotten any kind of recognition by the Academy. But because it contains a certain message that is popular right now, that wants to be you know, proliferated, that sh*t won Best Picture.”

Never mind any artistic merit or genius the movie has (a movie Lord Jamar hasn’t seen by the way) — it only won Best Picture because it’s gay.

DJ Vlad also asks Lord Jamar when is the right age for a kid to be exposed to gay “concepts” and “imagery.” Lord Jamar quickly answers, “definitely not at no Disney ages.” He later asserts that eventually kids will be exposed to the gay-ness at some point. He insists, “a kid is going to act abnormal to it, as soon as they see it. ‘What’s wrong with that man, why is he dressed like a woman?’ and now you have to indoctrinate him with how society want you to see it these days.” He later proclaims, “Men don’t dress like that, that’s what I’m going to tell my kids.”

Lord Jamar then argued that he gets upset when people try to use “the gays” to control Black people. “When you try to use that to control my population, that’s when I got a problem with it….how it affects the minds of the generations that come behind us, that’s what I’m worried about.” So, according to Lord Jamar, homosexuality is a virus that must be contained or else the whole Black population will fall victim to it?

The irony of all of this is Lord Jamar then goes on to discuss his gay friend (who’s probably Black) that he grew up with and who’s gay wedding he attended. There’s so much here, you have to watch yourself. Many trigger warnings to any folks apart of the LGBTQ community…if you aren’t already traumatized enough.


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