Male Rape Victims Share Their Stories In New Documentary "The Voiceless"

The Voiceless addresses male rape with the severity that should be accompanied when talking about it. It handled the problem of rape the way it should be handled.

The reality is that 38 percent of rape victims are men, according to the 2014 National Crime Victimization Survey. According to the documentary, 1 in 6 males are assaulted before the age of 18.

“Sexual violence does not discriminate against men,” said Vanessa McNeal, the producer of the documentary.

Society views men as strong and powerful. And when it comes to sexual aggression, it’s always men who are exemplified as the predators, the villains, or the bad guys. When this has been drilled into your head since the day you were born, it’s hard to put men on the other side of the equation.

Men are presented as invulnerable in today’s culture, so how could they possibly be put in such a vulnerable position? But what’s harder still, once a man does find himself a victim of rape, how can he possibly tell his story? Who would believe him?

In the documentary, five men tell their stories about how they were sexually assaulted. The men discuss how they dealt with their arguably taboo situation. Some repressed their emotions for years, others fell into gangs because their home lives didn’t feel safe. But they all had something in common. Whether they pressed charges or not, none of the men were able to receive legal justice.

“We live in a society that continues to state that sexual violence can’t and won’t happen to men,” McNeal said.


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