Man Gets 40 Years For Pouring Boiling Water on Sleeping Gay Couple

Martin Blackwell, 48, was convicted of 10 counts of aggravated assault and aggravated battery and was sentenced to 40 years in prison on Wednesday (24 August).

‘You don’t have the right to hurt because you don’t like how they live their life,’ Fani Willis, an assistant district attorney, told the jurors during the trial.

It was on 12 February that Blackwell poured scalding water on Anthony Gooden, 23, and his boyfriend, Marquez Tolbert, 21, as they slept in a College Park apartment which Gooden shares with his mother, Kim Foster.

The mother had been in a relationship with Blackwell for three years.

Blackwell had told authorities that he was disgusted with Gooden’s relationship with Tolbert.

Tolbert sustained second and third degree burns and spent 10 days at Grady Memorial Hospital after undergoing surgery that took skin from his thigh to replace skin on his back.

Gooden sustained severe burns on his face, neck, back, chest and arms and was in a coma for two weeks.

Blackwell reportedly told the police at the time of the attack: ‘They was stuck together like two hot dogs, so I poured a little hot water on them and helped them out. They was stuck like two hot dogs. They’ll be all right; it was just a little hot water.’

During the trial, Blackwell’s attorney did not dispute the act but claimed her client did not intend to harm the couple, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

‘It’s one act,’ defense attorney Monique Walker told the jury. ‘It caused injury. It was distasteful, it was disrespectful. But it was not deadly. It was not intentional.’


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