Milan Christopher Says Majority of Hip Hop Either Bi, Gay and all In his DM's After His Nudes Dropped

Nudes tend to bring the boys to the yard.  Milan Christopher said his nudes brought some of your favorite rappers to his DM's saying he was hit up by everyone after his nude shoot for Paper Magazine.

Milan Christopher claims that “straight” celebrities have been hitting on him for years, but that the Paper shoot brought them all out of the woodwork. “It’s down low brothers everywhere. It’s down low,” the rapper and Love & Hip Hop star said.

“A lot. A lot of y’all favorite artists and people that y’all think are the most hardcore …  are….,” Christoper trailed off, his point made.

Milan Christopher shared some beautiful and progressive thoughts on the nature of sexuality. “I think sexuality should be fluid. It’s about who you love and what you represent. I don’t necessarily think that sexuality should define the type of person you are.”

“There is a lot of gay rappers, there should be more out gay rappers,” Christopher claimed. He wouldn’t name and names, though.

The stunning rapper also stated that, according to his experience, about 80% of male entertainers are bisexual. This is a staggering observation, considering how often people insist that bisexuality isn’t real.

In fact, Milan Christopher stated that he does sometimes hook-up with women, but for him, being with men feels more natural.


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