Moonlight Becomes First Film With Black Director/Writer To Win Best Drama Picture At Golden Globes

Never in my lifetime did I think I would see a black man become the president of the United States nor did I think I would see a motion picture about the life of a black gay men become best drama at the Golden Globes.  In addition to Moonlight winning best drama motion picture there were other historic wins, Tracee Ellis Ross for Blackish, Viola Davis for Fences and Donald Glover for himself and Atlanta.

Moonlight winning really strikes a chord with me because our stories are being told and they're being validated. Not that we need the validation but it feels good to know that our stories are being told, being heard, and being appreciated.  Moonlight has paved the way for stories about other persons of color in the LGBT community that studios will now take a chance on because this one made it through.  


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