Oped-Dear White Gay Men: No, You Don't Have An Inner Black Women

I’d like to start this off by saying how ridiculous it is that the title of the article can’t seemto stand on its own. The blatant statement that white men aren’t black women still has to be explained to white men who think rolling their neck, waving their finger and saying things like “werk” originated in the gay white community. This isn’t to say that black women are limited to their mannerisms or that every black woman shares these mannerisms, but to say that black women are the fucking blueprint of gay culture of ALL colors, and it’s about time we truly recognize that.

Being gay brings forms of oppression for many folk, including white guys. The bigotry and prejudice in this world against us gays from all communities is outstanding and sickening.

However, being oppressed in one sense doesn't mean that you can’t be the oppressor in another and at the end of the day, a white gay guy, is a white guy. Besides their sexual orientation, this country was designed to benefit them and instead of recognizing that, they’d rather play oppression olympics to get away with their own form of bigotry. Their prejudice against black people (and thievery), both within the gay community and against black people in general, is seen all throughout their culture.

Let’s rewind this a little. Gay culture is black culture in essence. American culture is too, but that's another article. Vogue dance and music, sayings like “YASSSSSSSS” and “slay bitch”, Frank Ocean… all things coming from the black community, driven by the gay community.

There isn't a single major component to gay culture that didn't stem from POC. With that FACT being said, let's look into how black women helped mold the culture that gay black men evolved that white gay men steal. Sassiness has always been associated stereotypically with black women and with actuality within the black community without the caricature. As a young black gay, I, like many other black gay youth, was drawn to my mother.

In a world where heteronormativity was prevalent and hypermasculinity was destroying our community, my mother offered solace. So her attitude, I developed. Her quick wit, I developed.

Her clap backs, I developed. No one put anyone in check like a black woman, and next in line, black gay men.

Now, I don't have a problem with white gay men enjoying and even sometimes taking part in our culture, as long as they respect our space. As long as they understand who we centered in the world of gay culture, gay activism… and as long as they never say shit like “I have an inner black woman inside of me” as if black women are a facet of your many wearable personas that you can dismiss whenever your atmosphere shifts. But, white gays can't seem to do that.

They're entitled to their behavior because “they're oppressed the same way we are”. Cut the shit, bitch…

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Hey guys. My name is Quentin King and I hail from Chicago. I'm a singer/songwriter-actor as well as an outspoken angry homo. Being submerged in the world of musical theatre growing up, I was surrounded by whiteness, by gayness, and by the almighty white gay, and through personal observation and moral submission, I became more vocal about liberation from white supremacy as well as reclaiming our time and culture and restoring it back to its roots.

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