Owner of Gay Club iCandy on Tape Calling Patrons N Word

The city of brotherly hate. The gayborhood in Philadelphia is already notoriously known for being extremely racist and here to add fuel to the fire is a video from 3 years ago of iCandy bar owner Darryl DePiano using the N word to describe patrons.

Phillymag reports:
Here’s the transcript:

Guy No. 1: “And Ricky Peterson, nig, nig, nig, nig, niggers — everyone of them. (laughs) Does Ray ask you for drink passes — white, obnoxious white, but white?”

Guy No. 2: “No he’s never asked me.”

Guy No. 1: (laughs) “There you go, and he was definitely your real boyfriend. All three of them that ask you for drink passes are niggers.”

Background voice: whispers “oh my god” and the video ends.

The YouTube account, called “Gay By Gay,” claims in the video’s title that Guy No. 1 in the video is Darryl DePiano.

“It makes me sick, I am never setting a foot in there again,” said Daniel Hart. Hart, who has performed at ICandy for various drag shows and musical events, shared the video on social media the moment he was informed about it through his friends. “I hope my friends who host shows there reconsider their venue..… the gayborhood is totally not a safe space and it depresses me consistently.”

Since the appearance of the video, numerous attempts by G Philly to reach DePiano for comment had been unsuccessful. Then, earlier today, DePiano confirmed on Facebook that he is the man overheard in the video. He says that the video was recorded about three years ago. And he apologizes.

We call total bullshit on his apology as he is heard laughing in the video right after he uses the n-word.

We also call total bullshit and all the other major lgbt publications that have not said a peep about this.

Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/g-philly/2016/09/29/video-icandy-darryl-depiano...


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