Plane Crashes Into Home in Gaithersburg Maryland Killing Three

Three people are confirmed dead after a small jet crashed into a Gaithersburg, Md. neighborhood damaging several homes in the area.

The crash happened in the 19700 block Drop Forge Lane off Snouffer School Road around 11 a.m. less than a mile from a Montgomery County airpark. It caused a fire at two homes, according to Montgomery County Fire & Rescue officials. The fire is under control.

Firefighters say the fire is now under control, however search and rescue are now searching for victims.

Eyewitnesses told newstation WJZ the plane was making strange sounds and it seemed like the pilot didn’t have control of the plane before it went down. It seemed like a small corporate plane. Another eyewitness told WNEW’s Jim McKay that the plane barrel rolled as it crashed into the home.

The crash happened in the cul-de-sac of a residential rural neighborhood just north of the airpark near Montgomery Village.

Reports says the plane involved in the crash may have been a 10-seater Phenom jet, however there’s no confirmation on how many people were inside.


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