Prancing Elites Land Reality Show on Oxygen

Ready J-Sette Go! The all male dance troop that sparked controversy at the Semmes Christmas Parade last year, have just signed a contract for their own television show. It looks like the star is still rising for the Prancing Elites who say that nightmare has turned into a dream come true.

“Life has been good, great,” Kentrell Collins said.

But last year their invitation to march in the Semmes Christmas parade brought jeers from the crowd who was expecting a different kind of act. That disappointment was followed by another let down when the City of Mobile dropped them from the New Years Eve parade.

“After Semmes they immediately called, and was like, oh no,” dancer Jerel Maddox said.

“We don’t, we’re just going to remove you from the line-up, and I was like what?” Collins said.

But the negative publicity was followed by a lot of support, and the group members continued to live their passion.

“The same day they put us out of the Moon Pie Drop parade, was the same day we had like a flash mob downtown, and we had a great turnout with a lot of people. It was nice,” dancer Adrian Clemons said.

Lead dancer Kentrell Collins said they’ve been all over the country.

“We went to San Francisco, and we was on the Tosh show and, like we had a booking in New York,” he said.

“life now is just completely different. Like I just don’t know. Sometimes we have to sit down and be like, this is really happening,” Maddox said.

And the best news came recently when they learned they’re getting they’re very own reality TV show.

“It was in talks the last time we was here, but we couldn’t say a lot of things. We just couldn’t say a lot of things, but it is official we do have our own reality show. It will be on Oxygen. It’s a series and it comes out next year,” Collins explained.

“it’s going to be a heart felt comedy, you’re going to see a lot of our personal life, you’ll see a lot of what we go through as far as the criticism, and what it takes to get ready as a Prancing Elite,” Maddox said.

But they hope it will also carry an important message for viewers..

“We’re letting people know that it is okay to be who you are,” Collins said.

And that’s exactly what they plan to keep doing.

The group said they details on the shows release date have not been released. Right now, they’re preparing for a dance competition they’re sponsoring in November. So far, they said 17 teams have signed up from across the country. The flyer says a major TV Network will be there.


The show is set to air later this month.  Will you be watching?


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