Second Transwoman Speaks Out: "Bobby Valentino Was Set Up, The Sex Was Supposed to Be Free"

In an interview with web personality Armon Wiggins, a second transwoman Brandi "Barbie" Clark has come forward in the Bobby Valentino story.  As we reported earlier this week, a video showed Valentino being put out of an apartment after he refused to pay a transwoman for her services.  

Last night Brandi came forward saying she was in the apartment when all this went down and has a different version of events.   The video is rather long so we've pulled out some key points that she made.

1. Bobby Valentino knew the women were trans

2. This was not his first time having dealings with either Brandi or the woman who released the video.

3. The plan to record him entering and leaving the apartment was planned before he arrived and use the video to blackmail him for money. 

4. Brandi says she warned Bobby not to come over but he came anywhere.

5. Says Bobby Valentino has never paid for sex

6. The other trans woman and Bobby Valentino never discussed an exchange of money

7. Says Bobby Valentino has dealt with other transwomen before.

8. The women met Bobby Valentino via Snapchat

9.  Bobby usually asked for their phones beforehand but the other transwoman refused to give up her phone and started recording.




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