Someone Created A GoFundMe For Kim Burrell Because Her Bills Are Due

The babies are hungry and the rent is due. Someone thought Kim Burrell might need some financial help support since all her gigs are being snatched faster than you can say I'm delivert! The page reads:

"Now is the time to show real love.....the LGBTQ community has put Kim Burrell out of business. There isn't anyone willing to stand by her during her hour of clapback, and it seems as if she will not be able to recover by the time her rent becomes due again. If you do not know, she has been disowned by BMI, booted from FB, shes been disconnected from her radio show, and sat down by the church........ it is apparent, that she didn't know the power the LGBT posess, and as a result, her career has been laid to rest......please give generously!
Help spread the word!"


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