That Time Tyra Banks Interviewed Gay For Pay Film Stars

”Porn is porn…. I say I’m straight, and I really am. I’m married, 3 kids…. I don’t really get aroused for anybody but my, but, for my fans. Knowing that, in the back of my mind, that they’re watching me — if they want me to perform at my best, that gives me a little motivation…. I feel more in control . When I work with another guy, I’m not comfortable necessarily giving compared to receiving, because, I don’t know. I feel like, it’s easy for me to do, and I can do it and at least feel like I’m having a good time without being gay.”

A somewhat uncomfortable straight man, Kurt Wild, responding to Tyra Bank‘s question phrased as a hilarious euphemism of whether he prefers giving or receiving presents at Christmas. Wild gained attention last year when he fired from his job at a Subway restaurant because a customer complained that he worked in gay porn. He says that he can get 10 times more making gay porn than straight porn. 


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