Two Men Arrested, Forced To Stand In Public Naked For Having Sex

Two men were arrested and forced to pose naked after they were caught having sex in a Ghana hotel.
According to reports in local media, two men aged 18 and 28 were arrested over the incident in a Accra hotel.

The pair were discovered by a receptionist who reportedly barged into their private hotel room after growing “suspicious” of the two men.

The police were subsequently called over the incident, according to GhanaWeb, and the the pair were arrested.
It appears that the men were forced to pose naked together in a bid to publicly humiliate them, with photos of the incident spreading across social media in the country.

A local newspaper, the Daily Guide, published a picture of the pair.

In one photo, the pair appear to have been ordered to simulate sexual activity.

A video was also shared on Facebook in the which the naked men are yelled at. It is unclear who filmed the clip.

The Daily Guide’s article reported the incident with the headline “Man bonks boy in hotel”, claiming the older man had “lured” him for sex, despite the incident being consensual and both participants being over 18.

The article claimed: “The man is a known gay activist, who lures young boys with money. He reportedly met the boy on Facebook and managed to lure him by offering juicy gifts to him.”

Male same-sex sexual acts are illegal in Ghana, and can lead to up to 3 years in prison. There is also a strong social taboo against gay people.

Last year a cleric in Ghana claimed that gay sex “causes earthquakes”.

Mallam Abass Mahmud claimed God “gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounters, and such disgusting encounters causes earthquakes.”

A leading spiritualist in the country also claimed tattoos can influence people to become gay prostitutes.

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