Video Allegedly Shows Ed Buck w/Drugs and Black Gay Escort in His WeHo Home

Attorney Seymour Amster said that while his client Ed Buck was in the apartment when 26-year-old Gemmel Moore died, he had absolutely nothing to do with his overdose.

"It is unfortunate that the sheriff's department is reacting to unsubstantiated allegations," Amster said. "This is a tragedy, not a crime. He had no involvement in Gemmel Moore's death. Unfortunately he opened his home to an individual who was troubled."

"Whatever Moore did, Mr. Buck was not around when he did it. He was in the apartment in the time of his death. We're not sure where Mr. Moore took whatever he took to cause the overdose."

This is a sexually explicit video clip taken inside of Ed Buck’s home with Buck and another young man who goes by the name of Damar Love. Buck was a client of Love’s, who is a part-time escort. In the video you can hear Ed Buck directing Love. Towards the end of the video is a photo of Love with a bag of crystal meth just behind him in clear view. The photo, Love says, was taken by Buck.


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