Virginia Man Suffers Asthma Attack After Car Vandalized With "Gay Move Die"

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A car was vandalized with hate speech on Richmond’s northside Tuesday night.

Police confirm to 8News they have launched a hate crime investigation after the words, “GAY MOVE DIE,” were spray-painted on a man’s car in the North Highland Park neighborhood. Investigators believe the incident occurred sometime between 9:30-10 p.m. Tuesday.

VA Pride President James Milner told 8News that the victim reported the incident to police but it also sent the man to the hospital with an asthma attack. He was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning.

In an email to 8News, Milner said this is the first attack on the LGBT community in years and that they, “won’t stand for this.”

Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham is also voicing its support for the city’s LGBT community.

“The Richmond Police Department stands with the LGBTQ community in condemning what happened last night,” said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham. “I have directed the Department’s LGBTQ liaison, Captain Dan Minton, to monitor the progress of the investigation to keep everyone informed.”


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