Woman Denied Entry To Club For Not Being "Dressed Like A Lady"

Aria Nightclub has responded to claims of discrimination from one patron ,Shannon Jacob Gomes, who was not allowed into the establishment on Friday night free of charge, because she was not dressed like lady.

“They (the staff) simply were treating her in a manner that was equal to a man, given our strict dress code. We do not allow women into the club who are not dressed in elegantly casual attire which includes no flats, causal wear or shirts,” Aria said in a statement issued on Monday.

“Ms. Gomes attempted to enter the club wearing male clothing and we did not deny her entry however, she must pay the relevant costs as it will attribute to a male dressed in male clothing.

“If you are a female who plans on wearing male clothing then you will have to enter under the male dress code and pay that price as it is only fair to the other females who are not allowed to enter wearing flats, “ Aria said.

Gomes said she went to the Club on Friday night because “Aria had a broadcasted message being sent out prior to Friday night stating that girls will enter free between 9 30pm -10pm.”

“You cannot pre-judge me if I fit the criteria except for your so called discriminatory policies on what a female should look like. There is no legality to that.”

“In essence, one cannot determine another person's biological sex based on their own pre-conceived notions“ Gomes said.


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