Woman Who Went From Gay to Straight Starts GoFundMe Page To Help Her Stay Straight

For colored girls when dick is not enough.  

On her GoFundme Chelsie Rene writes: 

    To be completely honest, I was not prepared for this. I woke up and made a decision to change my life. Many will judge me, but God knows my heart more then anyone else! I’m humbly asking for your support in any way possible.

    This straight journey is nowhere near cheap. Its been one week, therefore I do still have a closet full of everything I have accumilated over many years to hide who I was… as far as my boy clothing, shoes, cologne, hats, etc. I aspire to donate every single piece to young individuals in need more then me.

    Right now I am humbly asking for any help at all to contribute towards the necessities of embracing this feminine side of me.

    If able, I aspire to travel accross country and share my testimony. Anything helps, prayer is beyond appreciated if nothing else. Thank you so much in advance for all of your positive support. God bless!!

All the money in the world is not going to keep you from wanting...you know what.  We can't even with this bullshit.



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