Prancing Elites Land Reality Show on Oxygen

Ready J-Sette Go! The all male dance troop that sparked controversy at the Semmes Christmas Parade last year, have just signed a contract for their own television show. It looks like the star is still rising for the Prancing Elites who say that nightmare has turned into a dream come true.

“Life has been good, great,” Kentrell Collins said.

Bianca Baxter aka Mother Barbie Mizrahi's 7 Best Ballroom Moments

Known for her ovah face and sickening body Motha served like no one else could.

Black LGBT Community Mourns The Loss of Bianca Baxter

Emotional responses from all over poured in as news spread of the tragic loss of Ballroom Star, Actress, and Model Bianca Baxter aka "Barbie Mizrahi" early morning of December 21, 2014.

"She was a beautiful spirit who always had a smile and kind words"  one Facebook poster wrote.

"Bianca Baxter you will be missed you was a wonderful woman is inside and out, very kind and always respectful, and so nice to me since you was a teenager. May God bless your family and friends" posted another.

Poverty: The Other Epidemic Facing The Black LGBTQ Community

Liberty and justice for all is not yet a reality in America. Despite the election of our nation’s first African American president, black Americans continue to trail behind their white counterparts in education, employment, and overall health and wellbeing. And while some states and the federal government continue to expand protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, more than half of all states still deny them basic civil rights. Such systemic inequities render people of color who are also gay and transgender among the most vulnerable in our society.

Michigan House Passes Bill To Allow EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People

Here's to hoping you nothing happens to you while living and breathing in Michigan.

Over the weekend, Republicans in the Michigan Statehouse passed a “license to discriminate” bill that would give just about anyone the right to refuse service to LGBT people if it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

The broadly written Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow, for example, an EMT to refuse emergency treatment to a gay person or a pharmacist to refuse to refill HIV medication, because God decreed gays and lesbians should be put to death.


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