LGBTI students more likely to be victims of sexual assault

A recent study has revealed LGBTI students face higher rates of sexual assault and harassment than their straight peers.

The survey involved 30,000 students from  39  universities.

The study found 44% of bisexual students and 38% of gay or lesbian students have experience sexual harassment at university. 

The statistic for their straight peers is 23%.

45% of trans or gender diverse students have been sexual harassment victims.

69% of all LGB students surveyed said they had been the victim of sexual harassment at some point.

‘I wasn’t ready to come out to anyone’

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins said: ‘Sexual assault and sexual harassment have a devastating physical, emotional and psychological impact on individuals,

‘More than 1800 people made submissions to the Commission, sharing their stories about the way their lives, studies and mental health have been impacted by their experiences.’

The research also found that most students who didn’t make a formal report or complaint to the university.

One submission explained: ‘I did not report it to anyone or tell anyone of this incident. There is already a social stigma against homosexuals in Australia, and I think my experience will just exacerbate it.’

Another said: ‘I didn’t report the incident…because I wasn’t ready to come out to anyone.’


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