Students Learn Their Math Teacher is Ex Gay Adult Film Star After Video Surfaces Online

Ruggero Freddi used to act under the stage name Carlo Masi. After earning his degree in mathematics, he entered academia.

Delighted Italian students learned this week their new math lecturer has an interesting – and fun past.

That’s because earlier in his life, he used to be a gay porn star affiliated with the famous Colt Studios in California.

Looking at his picture, you can see professor Ruggero Freddi digs the gym. Apparently, body building is one of his passions.

To demonstrate his love for all things muscle, he posted a video to Facebook of himself shirtless flexing a massive pair of biceps.

In the embedded caption, he jokingly says he looks ready to start his new teaching role.

The video spread like wild fire on social media among his students at La Sapienza University of Rome. It’s now had over 100,000 views at the time of this post and its growing.

It was reposted on other websites. That’s when someone apparently recognized him from his days as a former adult entertainer.

Back in the day – he used to perform under the name Carlo Masi.

When word leaked about his previous career, word spread like lightening around campus, leading to an article in Thursday on Republica – one of Italy’s largest news outlets.

Pursuing the story, they conducted a video chat with Freddi to ask him about his previous work in the adult film industry.
Here’s a quick snippet:

“Some students reposted the photo in a few sites and from there my former life as a porn actor emerged. To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a secret.”

Apparently, he had originally wanted to work in the field of engineering. But because of Italy’s difficult economy, he was unmotivated by a lack of opportunity and low wages.

“Then I was offered to do a film in the USA. I thought, “Why not?” A job that helps me earn more and is a more entertaining career.”

Colt used an old picture of Carlo Masi on its 2017 ‘Uncut’ calendar
To his credit, the forty-one year old academic appeared calm after being questioned by the Republica journalist.

He quit adult film sometime in 2013 and returned to Italy to study for a Masters degree in Math. He already has a graduate degree in Engineering.

Currently, he is pursuing his PhD while teaching college courses.

For the past 11-years, he’s been with his partner, Gustavo Alejandro Leguizamon. The two are engaged to marry in the near future.

He shared with Loverboy magazine back in 2013 his goals for the future, including earning a PhD: “but I am almost 40 so it is not going to be easy, but I have a very good resumè.

Let’s see what happens. My dream right now is to become a Math Professor, but it is not going to be easy. The competition is very high.”

The good folks at GSN also spoke to the teacher. Here’s some excerpts from the interview.

“I knew sooner or later something was going to happen, but I didn’t expect something so big to happen. I thought someone would publish something and my students would talk about it for a while, but I wasn’t expecting the entire country to actually speak about it.”

Apparently, it’s been a non-stop parade of phone calls for him.

“It’s been crazy.”

Per the GSN article:

“So far, he says he has not had any difficult conversations with his university – although he has not been back since the story broke on Thursday. The only message he has had has been from his tutor, asking him about how his classes were going.”

What does he think students will say when he teaches them their math lessons?”

“I don’t think any of them will come to me to ask about my past. The worst that I can expect is one of them to say, “I’ve seen you on TV – congratulations.”

“I’m happy and proud of both my careers. They both reflect part of my personality. I was happy I was a good-looking guy and the world recognized this. I am very happy the world recognizes I’m a smart guy. They both reflect part of my personality.

I was happy I was a good-looking guy and the world recognized this. I am very happy the world recognizes I’m a smart guy.”

GPB congratulates GSN for the interview and would like to say that good on Freddi for embracing his past and present. There’s nothing to be ashamed of indeed.


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