Sakura attempts to make dinner, but it becomes apparent that her condition is deteriorating, losing fine control of her body. Using the Sword's endless energy, taken from parallel worlds using the Second Magic, Rin is able to continuously destroy the Shadow Giants Sakura summons. With his final foe dead, Shirou faces the unborn Avenger, preparing to summon Excalibur to destroy the Greater Grail, at the cost of his remaining mind and life. Despite being outmatched and engulfed by the Shadow, Berserker continues to fight, destroying his own body to free himself. Caster denies having killed her own Master, but attacks Saber in her madness without revealing their assailant. The heroine and love interest of this route is Sakura Matou. Archer's arm still causing Shirou pain, he meets with Rider. Kirei elaborates that the corruption was introduced to the Grail during the Third Holy Grail War, by an entity of evil summoned by the Einzberns. Rider and Saber Alter clash, with Rider slowly losing against Saber Alter's apparently inexhaustible power. He eventually projects Excalibur, but before he can use it, he is stopped by Illya. Illya bids him farewell, reminding him that they will be enemies after nightfall. Unaware of Shirou's use of Archer's arm, Rin gives Shirou her Azoth Sword as a blueprint. After school ends, Rin and Archer enter the Matou household. Saber easily dispatches her, while Archer attacks Zouken, nearly killing him. Saber Alter leaves immediately after defeating Berserker, as opposed to after briefly fighting Archer when she tries to kill Shirou to take Illya. Sat, Nov 14. While Zouken is not present, they discover its basement - Zouken's "training room", a rotten breeding nest for his worms, intended to train the Matou successor through torture and violation, which greatly disgusts Rin. Shinji attempts to convince Sakura to make him a Master again, to no avail. Categories: Caster's corpse is killed by Saber after the Shadow absorbed the massive fireball she launched. Both Sakura and Illya are unusually aversive of each other, confusing Shirou. He assures Shirou that Sakura is uninvolved, and that they have been eliminated from the War, before disappearing. Kirei holds the upper hand using his training in Bajiquan, but in return, injures himself with every strike due to Shirou's sword-covered body. Illya decides to stay at Shirou's house, though reluctant due to Sakura's presence. Rin draws the Gem Sword of Zelretch, and prepares to fight Sakura's army of Shadow Giants. Rin confronts Sakura, now consumed by Angra Mainyu, in the Greater Grail cavern. As they fight, Shirou realises that the Shadow resembles Sakura. Archer moves to stop Sakura before she can cause any harm, but Rider is determined to protect her Master, and a fight breaks out. Thus their interaction with both each other and Rider is absent.

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