Only 2 left in stock - order soon. 4K Data Super 8 Film Scan shot on Classic Pro Camera from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo. The Classic Pro Camera includes the following features: Max 8: The Classic Professional Camera can be converted to Max 8: a widescreen Super 8 film format with increased resolution idea for shooting in a widescreen HD. from *5 Next Business Day available in some countries, geographic limitations may apply. The iconic digital companion. The ultra-compact 60-key Tenkeyless format eliminates every unnecessary, difficult to reach key. Any items left at Pro8mm without pre-paid storage will be considered abandoned and will be recycled after 30 days. - HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S/HYBRID (US Layout and Blank Keycaps) (P3PC-6641-01EN.pdf/1.1MB) - HHKB Professional Classic (P3PC-6661-01EN.pdf/686KB) Certificates (CE Doc) Originally built by developers, for developers, HHKB is highly suitable for developers, authors, journalists or other touch-typing professionals who need absolute comfort during prolonged use and tactile feedback to eliminate errors. View our other Professional Keyboard Range. Web Orders Containing Cameras:Pro8mm cameras are made to order and may take 1-2 weeks. This is a shame, I’m pretty sure Fujitsu don’t make any of the accessories for the HHKB and these aren’t in the EU store at all. This process involves widening the film gate to allow maximum use of the film’s negative space, collimation of the lens and optics to center the image, and the addition of 16x9 frame lines in the eyepiece to aid in framing for the HD aspect ratio. The height and length doesn't fit the HHKB keyboard. The premium Topre key switches eliminate key chatter, providing ultimate precision and a silky-smooth tactile response, so you instinctively know if you have keyed an error, without losing your flow and affecting your productivity. Happy Hacking Keyboard. If your product is out of stock you will be notified by a sales team member within 24 hours. Light weight, ultra-compact size and wide compatibility make HHKB an ideal travel companion, to use with all your modern devices, wherever you go. Buy on Amazon. Please call if you have questions about turn around time. Should you supply your own drive, the drive must USB3, formatted, and delivered before time of service, or a $35 fee with apply. Fedex is recommended on all camera purchases. It does feel somewhat lack luster for the price. All sales are final. We are allowed to TOUCH them! Tilt Stands Used to adjust the height of the keyboard. If your package is in transit this will help us track it. Just pointing out that the Etsy link you posted is not the same one. They use inlays to make the stripe, so it’s a different type of wood instead of a paint or finish. I'll never use anything but the HHKB layout from now on.

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