Elsewhere, Kouta decides to eat one of the Helheim fruits with Akira watching in horror. With Kaito unharmed, Zack transforms to fight him, but Kaito ultimately defeats him. However the music does end in time for the preview of the next episode to kick in. Much to his surprise, Yuya appears to fight him, transforming himself into Armored Rider Gaim. Upon meeting up with Kaito and Yoko at the top of the building, Zack plants a bomb near Kaito and leaves without Kaito noticing. Despite the set backs, Bando gives him a job at Drupers . DJ Sagara also confirms his suspicion that Roshuo intends to use the Fruits' powers to revive someone important to him, even at the cost of the lives of all those on Earth. On the day of the event, only Teams Gaim and Baron appear and few spectators gather, thanks to Oren's campaign against it, but they decide to keep dancing nevertheless. Mai gets herself lost in temporal pathways and witnesses the battle between four factions: Gaim, Baron, and the Kureshima brothers. Assuming Kiwami Arms, Gaim and Baron were about finish off Mitsuzane, however the attacks doesn't effect him as Zangetsu Shin would finish them off, even Takatora's illusion appeared in front of him. At this moment, Kouta breaks from Redyue's trance and attacks her. In this case, a. Kouta tries to prove that he has not changed, despite all Kaito has seen in Helheim, and helps the others clear Zawame of Inves. The Great "Inves Monster Capturing" Operation! A team of Kurokage Troopers are dispatched to stop him, but there is little they can do to stop Armored Rider Gaim's new form, Kachidoki Arms, and are defeated by his varied attacks through the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju. Kaito finally encounters and confronts the Over Lord Inves he has been looking for, who attempts to introduce himself to Kaito as Dēmushu. He sends Marika, along with a squad of Kurokage Troopers, to subdue Dēmushu. Appearing before him is DJ Sagara who informs him that Kouta is much stronger than him and is leaving him in the dust. Kouta and Kaito then search for the Azure Dragon Inves, discovering that the dimensional tear it came through has begun spreading the Helheim Forest's plants into their reality. Meanwhile, Takatora confronts Sid over Mitsuzane becoming an Armored Rider, the Lockseed Dealer feigning ignorance, and after he leaves, Ryoma reveals that while intrigued about how Kouta and Kaito escaped, someone has stolen some of his equipment. Elsewhere, Takatora, Ryoma, Sid, and DJ Sagara discuss ways to continue the plan despite the infections and how the Beat Riders no longer have a role to play in their scheme. Kouta's sister Akira, along with others in shelters, go outside to…, Rosyuo begins the invasion of the Earth by opening Cracks around the world. With his will renewed, Kouta mounts the Dandeliner and launches an attack on the Yggdrasill Corporation headquarters. He transforms using a Durian Lockseed just as Kouta arrives to the scene. With the Inves attacks increasing, Kouta and Mitsuzane decide that getting answers from the men in the hazard suits would solve the mystery of the forest, but only once they deal with the white Armored Rider who is protecting them. All the Riders Gather! After failing to reach Kouta, she decides to venture through the portal to find Yuya. The Golden Fruit soon erupts and transforms into a spectral Mai who forgives Mitsuzane for his past actions and disappears before Mitsuzane can reach through to her. After researching Dr. Komyoji and the mysterious events of his death, Kouta tells Jiro of what he has learned while thinking that the Reboot button could restore his memory. Kaito then gets a glimpse of his alternate self's future alongside the alternate riders with Kouta (mainstream). Sid overhears from one of the Over Lords, Redyue, that Rosyuo has been safeguarding the…, Baron Lemon Energy Arms and Knuckle cannot hold off Demushu forever, and he escapes them. Yoko resolves to stay by his side to the end. Kaito explains that while they are enemies, he has no intent to tell Kouta the truth. In his last breaths, he warns Kaito that someone else will stop him as he loses consciousness. [1]. Mitsuzane learns of his brother's possession of a Sengoku Driver while secretly taking a Lockseed from his collection. However, an Inves attack forces Kouta to transform in order protect a group of girls from the Inves before he and Mitsuzane observe Yggdrasill's new security force the Kurokage Troopers destroy all traces of Helheim Forest's flora after the nearby crack closes. Revealing the Forest's Mystery!". Having arrived, Kouta finds Zangetsu defeating Gridon and follows the white Armored Rider's supporters to a camp site surrounding a dimensional portal that is referred to as a crack. Kouta confronts Sid for killing a human being just before he is restrained and captured by Kurokage Troopers. Before she leaves, she warns Kouta that he will know the price of his power soon enough. "TV Asahi's official summary for 「変身!空からオレンジ」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「必殺!パインキック!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「衝撃!ライバルがバナナ変身! Kamen Rider Gaim takes place in a certain booming city that a large corporation controls like a "castle town" from feudal days. Chucky and Peko rush to the warehouse that Gaim and Ryugen Yomi's fight has taken place and discover a heavily injured Kouta and escort him to safety. Duke reaches the control room and restarts the Master Intelligent System, using it to access the footage of all events that occurred in the Tower during his absence. Meanwhile in the forest, while Redyue studies a Japanese dictionary and starts learning the language, the Over Lords are contacted by a mysterious man who warns them to be careful of the intruders. With his bodyguard Yoko Minato keeping them in line, Ryoma explains that he is not in charge of overseeing their progress and that Hase died the moment he became an Inves. In the middle of the battle, when Kouta winces in pain, Zack transforms and seemingly overpowers Kouta, but not before secretly telling him to retreat. During this battle, DJ Sagara informs Kouta that time and space is being distorted and Kouta catches a glimpse of his personal future through a crack with him and Lapis. At that time, refusing to accept Kaito's words, Gaim dons Jimber Lemon Armors to overwhelm Zangetsu Shin. Meeting up with Mitsuzane Kureshima as he got out of Tenju Private High School, Kouta reveals he found his Team Gaim jacket with the intent to rejoin the group. These potentials affect none to the future, except being shadows of the past. Gaim and Ryugen give chase, the latter managing to stop the giant Inves so Gaim can destroy it. When questioned about his intentions, DJ Sagara claims that he just wants to figure out who the Helheim Forest will choose. But confident that Kouta will return, Mitsuzane meets up with Sid the following day and uses his status as a member of the Kureshima family to convince the dealer to provide him with a Sengoku Driver. Just as Mitsuzane is about to be killed, Kouta appears to help him, and has Kogane leave the girl's body. Two weeks prior to Dēmushu entering the human world, Kouta and Mai come across a strange street performer that they later learn is an immobilized android. Exhausted after running away, Mitsuzane claims that no matter how much stronger Kouta may become, he will eventually take advantage of his naïveté to defeat him for good. Written by At Drupers, Kouta thinks over everything that has changed, and Bando encourages him that change happens for a reason, until Rat arrives, now discharged from the hospital, much to his joy. Please help us by liking, sharing and commenting. A mysterious bacteria is infecting people in Zawame City. But Jiro refuses to restore his memory out of fear that he may become a threat like Hakaider. The next day, Takatora returns home briefly and Mitsuzane hides himself inside his car to infiltrate the Yggdrasill Corporation's facility. Kouta and Ryoma reach the room where Akira and the others are having their energy siphoned and sent to the tomb of the Over Lord Queen but before being able to do anything, Redyue appears to fight them. But once he is hit by lightning, the android regains mobility as Kouta and Mai take him to the garage where they notice a Reboot button on his back. After watching Bravo get defeated by Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms, Minato chides Mitsuzane for his idea before using the Peach Energy Lockseed to become New Generation Rider Marika, telling Mitsuzane to show her where his true loyalties lie. The Rival's Banana Transformation!?". The tracer leads Kouta and Mitsuzane to a factory where they find Helheim plants before being attacked the Bat Inves. But what Mitsuzane does not tell them is that those that he has not saved, like Akira, will have their life force extracted by Redyue's machine to be transferred into the casket holding Roshuo's beloved. Elsewhere, Takatora meets Sid over the progress of five of the six Sengoku Drivers distributed, yet is kept in the dark of his younger brother's involvement. The members of Team Gaim invite the members of other teams to perform an All Teams Dance Event in order to regain the public trust.

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